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We are celebrating 15 years of our breeding program this year!  So much has changed for our breed in the last decade. With the work of dedicated breeders in the U.S., the Bergamasco has gone from a mostly unknown breed to officially becoming AKC recognized in 2015. More than ever, our goal is to secure the future of the Bergamasco by being very selective with our puppy homes and our breeding practices. Our Bergamascos are raised in our home and on our farm as true family members. We are not a commercial kennel. Our small breeding program is carefully planned and we have a litter every one to two years. We breed Bergamascos for show, work and companionship. Primarily, we take pride in providing well dispositioned and sound puppies as family companions. Please take the time to read more about these wonderful dogs throughout our web pages to familiarize yourself with this breed and decide if this could be the breed for you. We have added Testimonials from some of our puppy families. 

Alp Angel Bergamascos at Westminster Kennel Club 

We are very proud to have bred the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Best of Breed winners. 
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The Latest News from Alp Angels

What an exciting weekend for Faggia! She won best of breed at Westminster 2020 and this is her second time winning the breed at WKC. She previously won the breed in 2018. This is the third consecutive BOB win for Alp Angel Bergamascos as her sis...
Faggia was best of breed again this year in Orlando, Florida at the AKC National Championships. For the first time in history a Bergamasco Sheepdog made the cut or "short list" to be chosen for a group placement at the largest entry show in the Unite...
 Faggia ended 2019 as the number one Bergamasco all-breed. She had a great year, once again maintaining her ranking and also made it into the top 40 of all herding dogs in the country. This is another first for the breed. She defeated over ...
Faggia was BOB for 2019, making this her third year in a row for winning BOB at this show. You can see her on NBC after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!  Presented by Amanda Shea