Norwegian Fjord Horses

Norwegian Fjord horses are one of the oldest and purest horse breeds. Their remains have been found at Viking settlement sites and it is believed that they have been selectively bred for at least 2000 years.  Fjords are pony height but are of a drafty build with strong bone and muscle, able to carry an adult rider. They are known for their generally calm and unflappable temperaments. Fjords are versatile and make wonderful farm horses, excelling in driving and general draft work. They can do well in all disciplines and have been used in ranch work, dressage, competitive carriage driving and jumping.

OH TIRA  (MVF Erlend x Augusta)

 We are so fortunate to have found our mare, OH ( Old Hickory) Tira. Bred in New York by Julie Wills, she is a beautiful example of an old style drafty Fjord. She is built for driving and farm work. Before she came to our farm, she spent many years team driving with her sister Tess and then spent four years doing therapy work.  We were surprised by how experienced she was when we first drove her with our friend and trainer David Bradham. Dave has had a long standing career of working with driving horses in the state of CT and has done many clinics over the years and runs a Veterans driving program at Ray of Light Farm in East Haddam, CT. We were lucky to find Dave as he has been instrumental in teaching us and showing us Tira's potential. She is an unflappable as they come, true Fjord temperament worth it's weight in gold. Tira is all work! She loves to drive and is patient enough to teach and set an example for an inexperienced horse teamed with her. She has taught our Levi so much.

Tira is well suited for heavy farm work with her strong and shorter highly muscled neck. We have used Tira to pull logs, transport heavy materials, and for pleasure driving. Tira is also a wonderful trail horse who has safely ridden our family alongside busy roadways and to anywhere we point her. Tira has been evaulated for conformation and intro to driving. She received a red ribbon in both areas and has a cannon bone of 9.0 inches!

Tira has had two beautiful foals in the past out of two amazing stallions.  K.O. Aiken out of Flotren and  K.O. Bella out of Bayshore Gryla

WH LEVI ( Tolgar x WH Belle )

Levi came to us as a companion for Tira as a 14 year old gelding from Willow Hill Fjords in PA.  Levi had spent most of his life at pasture with minimal training. When he arrived, I knew it was going to be a challenge. We started from scratch with leading and picking up feet. After 2 months or so, Levi was improving and was becoming easier to handle. We hired trainer Brooke Fowler of Equine Endeavors to start him under saddle. Brooke has been working with Levi and Tira for over a year now, three times a week. Levi has gone from explosive at times to calm, willing and rideable. Levi has learned to W/T/C and is great on trails and on busy roads. He is incredibly affectionate and gentle with people and all animals and is the first to run to the gate to greet you. Levi and I have started doing some ground work at liberty and he is really enjoying that and remains focused. Levi started driving this year and has been teamed with Tira several times. He is coming along nicely in all areas and I have high hopes for him to get better and better. Levi is a sportier Fjord with a lighter frame and is  well suited for dressage and jumping and we will explore those disciplines with him more in the future.

We thank those who have been working with our Fjords since we have had them. Brooke Fowler, David Bradham and Sarah Muirhead have kept our gems in good shape, physically, mentally and spiritually.