Past Litters

We are so grateful for our wonderful puppy homes. Over the years we have made so many friendships and have met the most amazing people as part of our lives with the Bergamasco. We love being a part of the lives of our dogs and a resource for our families for years to come. We love seeing all the incredible things our puppies have done with their new families around the world.

Thank you to our families who have raised, loved and nurtured our puppies throughout the years. It is because of you that breeding is a rewarding and fulfilling journey.


Alp Angel Registered Litters

July, 13th, 2007  
Lothario Dell'Albera Silver Pastori x Chique Soave Classic Mezzanotte
11 puppies were born in the first Bergamasco litter of Eastern Canada.

October, 2008
ARBA Master CH, BIS Birbro Dell'Montevergine x Rimbalzo Aria Dell'Albera
4 puppies

October, 2009
 Acadia Pastori's Luciano Dell'Albera x NAKC Int. CH Alp Angel's Anthea Dell'Albera
5 puppies

March 13, 2014
Alp Angel's Cosimo Dell'Albera x AKC GCH Bergishe Bergamasker Amira
6 puppies

April 6, 2016
Lothario Dell'Albera Silver Pastori x AKC GCH Bergishe Bergamasker Amira
8 puppies

April 14, 2018
Blizzard Peak Savio x AKC GCH CH Alp Angel's Faggia Dell'Albera
3 puppies

July 19, 2019

CH Ussaro Polskie Kudlacze FDC x CH Alp Angel's Freya Dell'Albera

8 puppies

August 3, 2019

Corvo of Windy Hill x GCHS Alp Angel's Faggia Dell'Albera FDC, CGC

7 puppies